Living Room Design and Decor - Tips and Ideas (Part 3)

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by Geo Beats

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Living Room Design and Decor - Tips and Ideas (Part 3) - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This sofa is a great configuration. It has a perfect proportion and it has a chaise, so you can watch tv and hang out while you are lying down. It is a deep, rich color. As a color diva, color is very important to me. This deep, rich sienna color is also my color, but it is a really easy color to work with. Pick one color like we did here, orange, to pop it. Look how it pops the sofa. I will show you in a minute, how we can change that very easily and transform the look. In the meantime, I wanted to show you something else that is one of my favorite things to put in any family room or living room and that is a coffee table that doubles as a seat. This coffee table is a combination of wood in the center and upholstery around the sides. That gives you the opportunity to be able to use the center for serving and having your dinner parties or pizza parties around the tv. It also gives you the opportunity, when you have a party, having people sitting around the edges and being comfortable. And of course, there is always the use of it as an ottoman to make yourself more comfortable. A simple switch out of pillows will transform this sofa in front of your eyes. Now one of the things you are going to notice that I am doing as I place the pillows is that I am karate chopping them in the middle. When you have a down or feather pillow, it allows you to do that karate chop which really completes the look and makes it look a little less stiff. Just think about what you love, what you love to surround yourself with and what colors you love and you can take any neutral sofa and make it a parade of colors.