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    Bedroom Design and Decor - Tips and Ideas (Part 2)

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Bedroom Design and Decor - Tips and Ideas (Part 2) - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here we have a great bed which is Asian inspired. Look at the detailing of the posts across the bottom of the bed. It adds for a really interesting flavor. A little bit more of an exotic look. You can pair it with less exotic fabric if you do not want to take it to the full hilt. Look at the blues. Very calm, very quiet. Color is one of the most fabulous things to work with in a home. Being the color diva, I know what I am talking about. Make it yours. Pick your favorite colors, especially in the bedroom where you want to sort of wrap yourself into your inner sanctuary. Another thing to look at in the room is having a desk instead of a nightstand. If you have a little bit of a smaller room and nowhere to have a desk, it is perfect. It is interesting, it is workable, it is practical. Practical design, it is one of my mantras, because it has to work for you. Beauty is one thing, but working for you and making you comfortable in your own home, ease of life, that is critical. Another thing to look at is the art. They flank the bed. This is a bit symmetric, but it is asymmetric in the fact that it is not the same piece of art. They are two original paintings by an artist. They play off each other, and for me, it is never about being symmetrical, it is about being balanced and they really balanced each other. Another example of that, take the lamps. One is on the desk, it is a desk lamp, the other one's a floor lamp. They do not match, but they are the same color, and that ties everything in together, keep the room balanced. Talking about color, I cannot stress enough how important pillows are. You can change up a room for very little money and make the biggest impact by changing your pillows. Just a few pillow touches can change the entire room. It could change the color pallet of the room, it could change how much you love a room and it could change how dynamic the room is.