How to Make Yucca Fries

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How to Make Yucca Fries - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I want to show you how to do Yucca fry, which is a starchy root. It is white inside, and it is fairly hard when it is not cooked. Once you cook it, it is fairly tender. We use it here, also, to make bread, wonderful bread with cheese. But, I want to show you how to peel it first so we can cook it. It has some sort of hard skin. You have to be very careful with the knife. You can also use a peeler. As you see, it is wonderful, white. Back home, in the Caribbean, which is a product of Africa, we use it mashed with garlic olive oil in the morning with fried eggs, fried cheese. And for the rest of the evening, for dinner, we use it to have it with meat, or chicken, or anything. So, we have one already peeled. Make sure that you get everything out. Then, what you are going to do is, you want to take the cork that is inside, this, like a line string. Yes? Once you take that off, we are going to boil it. So, this is a double cook Yucca. We are going to boil it, and then we are going to fry it to make it crispy. Yes? We have already a boiling water with plenty of salt. That will take maybe 15 minutes. Once it is ready, we strain it. And then get the oil ready. And that is where we are going to see each other again. All right. We are going to check the Yucca. It has been about 15 minutes, and they are perfect: nice and tender. As you see, a wonderful color. And this is like edamame bread, but with a mix of kind of like a potato, a yammit, which I do not know if you know what that is, but it is a Caribbean product, too. And here we are. We are going to let it drain on a piece of cloth. Yes? We are going to move the olive oil because we want this to kind of get rid of all the water. Then we are going to drop it in the hot oil, make it crispy, and then mix it with a chimichurri, which is basically a Caribbean or an Argentinian pesto, cilantro basically, cilantro, garlic and jalapeno. Well, here we are. I think the yucca is pretty much dry. Just be careful. If you want to just move the pan to the other side so if there is any water left on the yucca, it does not get on you. The idea is that you are going to get this really crispy. So, the inside is very tender and then the outside is super nice and crispy. Once it gets a little color. You know, you are the boss. So, you know, if you like it a little more crispy, or less crispy, then. But, traditionally, you want it very crispy, golden, nice and beautiful. So, the yucca is pretty much nice and golden. What we are going to do is that we are going to strain it. We are going to get it out of the frying pan. And we are going to pass it to another pan with olive oil. We are going to mix it with nice red onions and scallions. So what we do is that we bring some freshness and some crunchiness in a different way. It is a green crunch, as I call it. Nice olive oil, and then we are going to bring the onions first. Just want it to touch the heat. No? You do not want too much. Scallions, the cilantro pesto. There is no nuts here, it is just cilantro, jalapeno, a little bit of vinegar, and olive oil. Then you can mix your yucca. And you are ready for serving. And here you go. Everything is mixed: the onions, the scallions, the sauce, and we are ready for presentation. Nice and quick. I can smell the yucca and the cilantro. This is a wonderful dish to eat with chorizo. At the end we are just going to add a little olive oil, then a taste of queso fresco. Again you can use any cheese. I had rather use queso fresco because of the texture and also the almost saltiness in it. There you go: a beautiful yucca fry, or fried yucca with onions and cilantro jalapeno sauce.