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    The Best Pick Up Lines That Work Every Time

    The Magnetic Man

    by The Magnetic Man

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    Today I am going to talk about the best *pick up* lines that work every time.
    First I want to mention what the bad ones are.
    What are they? The ones that are fake.
    And guess what? That covers all pick up lines.
    Pick up lines are the most unattractive and in authentic way to engage a woman in to a conversation with you.
    It’s an EXCUSE to *pick up* women.
    Women can feel it. It comes across as creepy.
    Even worse, these pick up lines make you look weak.
    As I mention in the video of my experience of a guy using an excuse to come up and talk to me. I felt uncomfortable and I just wanted to leave.
    Good *pick up* lines, are the ones that are real.
    They are Authentic, true, and are spontaneous.
    When a guy comes up to me and says something from a place within, it makes me want to know more about him, I feel curious.
    We women can FEEL it, when a guy is being real and makes no excuses for his actions, compared to a guy who is being fake and uses PICK UP LINES as an excuse to speak to us!
    Lesson is that real is always the best!
    When it’s real it works.
    Cool and fake will never work.
    The action step to take from this video is to say something real, authentic in that moment to several women, in the next seven days.
    Let us know about each seven experiences, how it made you feel before and after and what her response and feeling was too.
    You will never know unless you get out there and try it.
    And once you do it come back here and tell us how it went.
    We would love to hear about your experiences and we will be happy to give you more guidance on how to attract women through greatness!