....words cannot describe how disgusted i am right now


by Patch93



Never forgive... Never forget.
By PatriotKiradood 4 years ago
While I do see where you are coming from Tialong, you need to understand, nuclear fallout is an extremely serious situation and never should be made fun of. That is the reason why I found it extremely offensive. This is as bad as the time when Chris Chan made fun of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

As for my Drew Pickles videos, those were part of a running internet meme. This, on the other hand, is different.

Also, I never treated Anonymous like my own army, I just said I would like to see them bring them to justice.
By Patch93 4 years ago
...what? You're really doing this? I'm sorry, but this is kinda ridiculous. You complained when Belchic flagged parody videos that you made, for good reasons, and now you're gonna pull the same thing on him?

I don't see how it's that bad either. It's no worse or offensive than rape jokes, which you've made plenty of in those old Drew Pickles videos. That's not to say I think you're a bad person, but you're basically trying to violate their freedom of speech while being a hypocrite of grand proportions. The first amendment works both ways, you know.

To me it looks like you're just trying way too hard to "prove" these people are bad and get them b& from the internet. Why go so far when you can just sit back and laugh at the awfulness of their videos?

Oh, and anonymous isn't your personal army. Please try to think about this for a second.
By coffeegator 4 years ago