Sun Yat-sen's Granddaughter Criticizes Chinese Regime for Distortion


by NTDTelevision

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution—an event that marked the birth of modern China. The man behind the historical change is Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who founded Asia's first republic. Although his contribution is recognized in both Taiwan and Mainland China, Sun's granddaughter has expressed anger over the Chinese regime's distortion of Sun's political legacy.

The granddaughter of Dr. Sun Yat-sen—the man known as the father of modern China—spoke out against the Chinese Communist Party for distorting his legacy. Lily Sui-fong Sun criticized the regime for misrepresenting the political ideals he left behind.



Although the Chinese Communist Party heralds Sun as forerunner of China's revolution, it overthrew his Republic of China in a civil war with the Kuomintang, which then retreated to Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party has also retold Sun's Three Principles of the People to be: working with the Soviets, working with the communists, and helping the farmers.

Historian Xin Haonian says this version sought to legitimize communist rule over China, by portraying Sun Yat-sen as the forerunner of communist revolutions.


In an interview with Hong Kong's Ming Bao over the weekend, Lily Sun said, (quote) "Some people have distorted my grandfather's `Three Principles of the People' and have implemented a string of policies to fool the citizens."

The centenary of the Xinhai Anniversary will be marked in Taiwan as its National Day on October 10th. Lily Sun says she plans to give away 100 bronze statutes of her grandfather to various places around the world, as a way to preserve his legacy.