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    Lying In A Relationship and What To Do About It

    Michael Griswold

    by Michael Griswold

    193 views Topic: lying in a relationship - Hey, this is Michael Griswold again and in today's video, I am going to speak about the easy way to identify and handle lying in a relationship.
    Question for you : You ever had that whinging feeling that the story you are being told isn't quite the truth?

    What do you do when you suspect your partner might be lying to you? How do you handle lying in a functioning relationship?

    We both know that actually, everybody lies.

    You and I and your companion included. Everyone!

    So lying in a functional relationship is not uncommon and we all do it to guard ourselves from embarrassment, guilt or upsetting someone, but that of course does not make it right.

    It's only as we get closer to someone, we become even more comfortable and hopefully, more honest.

    And that's possibly not going to modify.

    Even allowing for this how do you handle lying in a relationship so you aren't constantly questioning whether what you are being told is true?

    First, you have to understand how to read the honest truth.

    It's been widely let slip that only 7% of our communication is the words we utilize. Body language and non-verbal clues make up 93% of our communication with each other. Continue reading at