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    English Accent Training - London Centre of Spoken English


    by lcoseuk

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    In a globalised world, English has emerged as the common language of commerce, science, education and cultural exchange. There is a recognition that knowledge of English is vital for economic development and commercial success.

    The London Centre of Spoken English offers coaching in English pronunciation, elocution, accent reduction and soft skills such as presentation and public speaking. Our professional coaches have the wide experience needed to address various accents with which English is spoken around the world such as in Europe, Latin America, China and the Far East.

    Our aim is to help people speak with what is variously called Received Pronunciation (RP), Queen's English, Oxford or BBC English. It is the most widely recognised and respected English accent. We also coach people to speak with a Standard or General American accent. General American has become widely spoken in many American films, TV series, national news and radio broadcasts.