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STORY: GERMANY MARKS REUNIFICATIONDATELINE: Oct. 4, 2011LENGTH: 0:00:37LOCATION: BerlinINTROAs Germany celebrated its Unity Day on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel said much work remains to be done to ensure the country remains strong and united, as well as a vital part of Europe.Addressing the still-stark economic differences between the eastern and western parts of the country, Merkel said there's still room for improvement. PKGIn a speech in the eastern city of Bonn, the focus for this year's celebrations, she said that they come a long way, but we haven't quite made it.Economically, today's reunited Germany offers a mixed picture. While salary levels in the East are still only 78 percent of those in the West, even after 21 years of unity, the cost of living - is proportionately lower. The Chancellor also said in her speech they're on the right track and they can look back with great pride on the reunification.West Germany and East Germany were united on Oct. 3, 1990, less than 11 m Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency