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    For many centuries, the seas of the North From Germany through Scandinavia and up to the Polish-Russian border have been both a source of subsistence and of threat to the residents. These waters facilitated the Viking rampages and subsequent trading. The residents on the coasts are a unique kind of people shaped by the sea.
    "Mare Balticum" is the term which connects the nine countries around Europe's largest
    continental waters. Most of the coastline belongs to the European Union today, revealing a great variety of landscape and cultural highlights.
    Discover through breath-taking aerial views the old Hanseatic trading routes along the coast of Germany, follow the bird migration path from Germany to Denmark, find hidden treasures on the old Amber route and discover the beauty of the skerries along the shores of Scandinavia up to The Russian border through Poland.

    Total length: 15x52’ / 6x26’