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Lucky Brazilian farmer aged 90 years old is the father to 50 children-some of whom he does not even recall their names-with four different women which includes two sisters and their mother; i.e. his sister in law and mother in law.

World's Most Tattooed Man
Lucky Diamond Rich-the Geelong tattoo artist- is the world's most tattooed man in the world and he has made his way and maintained his name in the Guiness World of Records book for the sixth time, six years in a row. According to reports by Geelong Advertiser, this man is 200% tattooed.

Weird Facebook Breakup
Having to deal with a break up is in itself a very difficult experience. The pain of losing someone is already a burden now imagine how painful things can get if the person dumped you through Facebook without even dignifying the break up with a proper face to face conversation.