Models Talk: Personal Style 2 ft Karlie Kloss

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  • Ajouter à WORLD - Models talk about their own personal style in this must-see Model Talk clip from FashionTV. "Sometimes I go to the vintage shop to find something," says one model, "because I like secondhand." Ruby Aldridge agrees, adding that she also likes vintage clothes and going shopping. Models like Ruby are currently rehearsing for the Charlotte Ronson show in this video. Model Leila Jay already has her own personal style which is why she was a shoo-in to open the Fall 2011 Betsey Johnson show. She wears a lot of "tight, body conscious clothes," she says. FashionTV talks to many of the bright faces of New York Fashion Week, and spies top model favorites like Julia Saner, Magdalena Frackowiak, Karlie Kloss, and Sarah Blomqvist.

Appearances: Ruby Aldridge, Leila Jay, Julia Saner, Magdalena Frackowiak, Sarah Blomqvist, Karlie Kloss

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