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    Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go (From "Cry Tough" DVD)

    Eagle Rock

    by Eagle Rock

    Nils Lofgren's career has seen him achieve great success as a solo artist whilst also establishing himself as a guitarist for both Neil Young in Crazy Horse and Bruce Springsteen in the E Street Band. These three live performances from Germany were all filmed for the famous Rockpalast TV series and see Lofgren at differing points in his career. In 1976 he had released his debut solo album to considerable critical acclaim and was beginning to lay the foundations of his reputation. By 1979 he was well established as a solo artist and influential guitar player. For the third show in 1991, Lofgren had already done a substantial stint in the E Street Band and had just begun to return as a solo performer with his album "Silver Lining". All three are great performances and catch the excitement and showmanship of one of America's finest guitar players live in concert. Tracklist: Disc One -- 1991 1) Sticks And Stone 2) Keith Don't Go 3) Rock 'n' Roll Crook 4) Cry Tough 5) Trouble's Back 6) Delivery Night 7) Bein' Angry 8) Moon Tears 9) Girl In Motion 10) Valentine 11) The Sun Hasn't Set 12) Across The Tracks 13) Silver Lining 14) Walkin' Nerve 15) Gun And Run 16) No Mercy 17) Back It Up 18) Shine Silently 19) See What Our Love Can Do 20) I Came To Dance Disc Two -- 1976 / 1979 1976: 1) Cry Tough 2) It's Not A Crime 3) Keith Don't Go 4) Going Back 5) Share A Little 6) Jailbait 7) Like Rain 8) Rock 'n' Roll Crook 9) Back It Up 1979: 1) Keith Don't Go 2) A Fool Like Me 3) Beggar's Day 4) No Mercy 5) It's Not A Crime 6) Like Rain 7) Heart Of Fire 8) Cry Tough 9) Going Back 10) You're So Easy 11) I Came To Dance 12) (Incidentally) It's Over 13) Back It Up 14) Moon Tears 15) Soft Fun