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    Dining Etiquette: If Someone has Food Stuck in Their Teeth

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Formal Dining: If Someone has Food Stuck in Their Teeth - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Occasionally someone may have a piece of food wedged in their teeth, such as spinach. So how do you solve that problem? This is what I recommend. Look directly at the person, and indicate with your body language by putting your finger up here, and they would sense and know from your body language that they have a piece of food in their teeth. The I recommend that they not do anything about it at the table, such as use a toothpick - which should never be on the table - and then I recommend that they take their napkin like this, and then set it down, if they must, and excuse themselves from the table. It is unlikely that they could do this and solve the problem. Now while we are on the topic of food in between the teeth let us add this element. I have been at dinners where people were having a Greek salad and I actually saw a top executive take the olive pit which was in his mouth, and spit it into his hat. Not appropriate. If you are taking the olive pit out of your mouth you can do so with this motion, very dainty, and set it on your bread and butter plate, not on your main plate. Your other strategy is to use your teaspoon and set it in the teaspoon and then that would be then set on your bread and butter plate with the olive pit. At any business dinner, order things that are easy to eat. That makes your life perfect.