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    Dining Etiquette When Having Salad

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Formal Dining: Salads - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When you are served a salad, the wait staff will serve from your left and take from your right. So this salad has arrived on my left. My role, as the guest, is to remain still so I am not moving when the wait staff is serving. You look at your cutlery, at the silverware, and decide what you are actually being served. So, in this case, this is a salad. It is not cut in bite size pieces, so I would use both my fork and my knife. The knife on the table is placed so that the sharp edge is facing inward to not be too aggressive and you are using the smallest fork. I am going to recommend Continental or European dining as being a global aspect. Very easy to master. You are putting your forefinger on the back of the fork and when you are cutting, you are cutting one bit at a time, moving forward, never down. You are going to cut that bite and put it to your mouth while you bring your cutlery down. Do not have your cutlery up like this. It is very aggressive. It is down, up, cut, move forward, eat. If you are taking a rest, the cutlery is open. If you have finished your salad, it is closed.