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    Dinner Etiquette: How to Choose a Gift for Your Host

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Etiquette Concerning Gifts - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When arriving at a dinner party remember you must always arrive with a gift. What gifts do you bring? Here are some great suggestions. Flowers make a wonderful gift, most women love flowers. I recommend, if you are choosing flowers, to select flowers that are already arranged in a vase, such as I am demonstrating today. The other option might be, that you would choose a potted plant, such as an orchid. which last a very long time and make a lovely, lovely, gift. Do not arrive with flowers that are boxed or just held in a clutch. You would want to have the flowers arranged already so that the hostess does not have to stop her preparation of the meal in order to put them in an appropriate vase. Another option, beyond flowers, is of course a lovely gift. Gifts have more magic when they are wrapped in a beautiful paper or a lovely box. The anticipation is always much higher. So other gifts beyond flowers could be, a wonderful book, a set of CDs, of beautiful music, scented candles, or even a bottle or two of wine. You do not necessarily want to bring a dessert or food item, unless you prearranged that with the hostess, as she has probably already arranged a dessert. Ideally, the wine that you bring should be consumed at the table, however the hosts may have already chosen their wine so, do not be offended if they do not open yours.