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    Ideas for Beaded Bracelets - Beading

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Ideas for Bracelets - Beading - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. These are some examples of some beaded bracelets, finished bracelets. We just have fun. We pick a lot of beads here and some creations are here, and this is an example of one. Actually, people just wear them to school. They wear them out. People have made them for their parents. So, a lot of people have come in and got stuff for Mother's Day gifts, or Christmas gifts, give them to their teachers. People just love making bracelets. This is probably the best thing because it is not as much work as a necklace, but it still has that same punch of color. This is an example of a more boy's beaded bracelet. I use a thick elastic on here and it is a clear elastin. We end up doing a double knot and putting a little glue on it. This is made with plastic animals. Boys love the animal shapes. Then there is plastic pony beads and wood beads here. Here is an example of a fun girl's beaded bracelet. You can choose these types of 80s neon brights that we did here, but you could also come in here and do primary colors. This type of bracelet is great. They like to make these, wear them all over and show off their creation. There is an adjustable toggle here so when you are little and have a little wrist, you can put it on the first hole, but when you get up to become an adult, you can also wear it on the last hole and your mom can also wear this gift that you made. This is an example of an adult bracelet but with young at heart. You could use glass beads. These are all made with vintage check glass. It is a little heavier. It is something you could use here. You can use gemstones. I personally love glass and vintage glass because they have great colors, so this has this mod little look. Then there is a vintage lion, Cracker Jack prize that I made into a pendant. You can add any pendant to a bracelet. Make sure it is not too big and chunky because you do not want to be walking around hitting things. You want it to be a little bit smaller.