How to Dress for Salsa - Women's Fitness

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How to Dress for Salsa - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. The way to dress when salsa dancing is a little different for the man from the woman of course. Traditionally, it was you know, costumes made of many colors, maybe flowers with ruffles, this type of thing, even on the male's shirt. Sometimes they are ruffles and so forth. But you know, mainly used as a casual hobby to go out and you know, have fun so you want to dress like you want to meet somebody. Maybe be in your own comfort zone when you go out to the club or whatever, wear some jeans. If you are a guy, open your shirt a little bit, it is certainly not a stuffy thing. And now to talk about how the women should dress let's have my partner Sarit come out, lovely Sarit, the beautiful Sarit. I am very happy to have this partner. Now she is wearing a skirt - now this skirt will flow so that when she is turning you know, we will see a nice little flow with the skirt, right. A nice comfortable top - now this can all come in so many different colors and there are so many dress shops around the cities with this light, breathable material that you can find for the ladies. If you are performing or competing, you will have to have custom-tailored costumes that are black shirts fitted for the men, black pants, a little similar to what I look like now. And the ladies will have this design with a lot of stones, a lot of bright colors and so forth to dress it up. And the clothing moves like so - you can see her dress moving about. You can see my chest open, my shirt open a little bit just to get a nice man wanted look. You can see the flow and the designs that we are creating here. If we make her swivel around a little bit, you can see how that dress will turn, right? Beautiful. And that is how you should dress for salsa.