Hotel Workout - Full Body Workout in a Hotel Room During Travel

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Hotel Room Workout - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hello, my name is Maria Mizzi with Beach Physique Fitness, and today I am going to share with you my hotel workout that I do when I am traveling. So this is something that you can also do. You need no equipment to do this exercise and you can still get a full body workout in. So the first thing you want to do is you want to warm yourself up a little bit before you get started. So imagine that you have your hotel room, maybe that you just have a little bit of room right at the side of the bed that is just the size of this mat. That is all the space you are going to need today to get this workout done. So to begin you just want to warm yourself up with a little running in place, get that heart rate up, start moving the body, moving through the arms, just a little warm up to get that heart rate up. You want to do that for just for about a minute so you are ready to go then we can actually start strengthening those bodies. Working on some reverse lunges, I am going to turn to the side here and we are going to go with those lunges by bringing one foot back, coming down slowly, caressing up, bringing the feet together, lunging through, working through the legs here, working through the quadriceps working through the gluts and the hamstrings. You want to perform twenty on this side before moving to the other side. Once you finish those you are going to move to that opposite side, perform that twenty on this side, caressing through the heel, lifting up, keeping the abs tight, keeping the shoulders back and doing twenty there. Then we will move on to an upper body exercise. If you have a chair in the room you can certainly do some dips to work through the chest and upper body, but if we just have this space here we can still get a great exercise. We are going to move to the floor next and do some push-ups, right in that same exact space. You might want to put down a towel before you move to the floor there. For push-ups you want to bring yourself down, all the way down towards the floor, lining your hands up with your chest, firmly clamping the toes into the ground, tightening the abs before you begin to lift up and then keeping the abs tight, lifting yourself up off the floor into that push-up position. Then you are going to slowly bend the elbows, leaning back toward the floor. Think about leading with the chest and then lifting yourself up, keeping those hips up. You can then modify that position if you need to by bringing your knees down towards the floor, still doing the same action, leading with the chest, coming down slowly, keeping those abs tight, caressing up, working those chest and triceps muscles. Take a deep breath in on the way down, exhaling on the way back up to the top. If you can you want to do about ten to twenty repetitions of the push-up before moving on to the next exercise. So standing back up we are going to go into our next exercise, which is a leg exercise. So this time you want to bring your feet about hip width apart, and you are going to slowly come down into a squat position, and then leaning one leg out toward the side. Down into a squat position, leaning toward the side, lifting up here, we are lifting up that left leg, so now we are working the other part of the leg, working the outer thigh here as we lift up, caressing out, focusing on one side first for about ten to twenty reps and then finishing up on the other side, same amount of repetitions on that side. Just lifting through that leg, working through that outer thigh, keeping the core nice and strong. Next up we are going back to the floor and we are going to do a little bit of work that is going to focus on the abs and the core and also keeping it a little bit cardio oriented. So meet me down on the mat. We are going to start off in a plank position, and a plank position here is you are going to bring those hands down, we are going to start on the forearms, keeping yourself here, and you are going to lift up, you are going to keep those abs nice and tight, and you want to hold this position for about thirty seconds to one minute. Once you finish up those thirty seconds you are going to turn slightly to the side, you are going to bring the knees down first, we are going to go into a side plank, you are going to turn your body on to the side, bringing your arm that is on the floor into a nice 90 degree angle so it is in line with the elbow and the shoulder. Then what you want to do is you are going to use this hand in front of you to lift up off the floor. Now we are still in a plank position, working the side plank, working those oblique muscles. So here you also want to stay here for about thirty seconds to one minute, working on that core, keeping those abs nice and tight. Once you finish that one minute sequence on this side you are going to come back down, you are going to turn yourself around and work on the opposite side. So we are moving to the other side, you are going to line yourself up, bring the forearm onto the floor, lining up the elbow up with the shoulder, making sure you have a nice straight line from the head down towards the feet. Then you are going to use the hand in front of you, lift yourself up, and you are holding in this position, keeping that core nice and tight, breathing while you are here and trying to hold this for about thirty seconds to one minute. And then slowly releasing yourself down and bringing yourself back up to a standing position. And those are my suggestions for your hotel workout.