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    Balloon Art: How to Make a Complex Fish

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    How to Make a More Complicated Fish - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am going to create a little bit more complicated orange fish, out of one 160 balloon. I am going take the 160 and inflate it, leaving approximately a five to six inch uninflated tail. First I am going to create a bubble approximately the width of the body that you desire. This one is going to be approximatly two and half, about three inches. Next I am going to create a small, half inch bubble. Now pulling the small bubble out, I am going to create a pinch-twist to make the upper lip. Next I am going to create another half inch bubble just slightly smaller, and we will pinch-twist this as well. Now, we are going to slightly bend this next segment, and while holding the nipple end we are going to twist together. While holding the balloon I am going to partially twist two segments and then one additional segment into the back of the fish, creating a triangle. You will notice this is called a demi-twist, where it was not fully twisted, and you can do a full twist if you choose. Now I am going to make a very small pinch-twist to stabilize the fin. And I will repeat that on the next side. Now we are going to soften the balloon, and approximately where you want to have the fin start, we are going to create a bubble, actually a flower petal, and another flower petal. I am going to tuck this in to the middle to position the fins and then I will create another bubble that will roll into the lips of the fish. Now I will remove the remainder of the balloon by popping off or you can cut the balloon. And I hold both ends firmly on a very inflated piece of the balloon and quickly I am going to push with my nails and grab. Last I tie a knot in the end and wrap it in the fiber mechanics underneath the lips.