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    Level 42 - Love Games (From "Turn It On" DVD)

    Eagle Rock

    by Eagle Rock

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    For more info - This concert, dating from October 1993, was filmed at Zeche Bochum, a small club venue in Germany, for the Rockpalast TV series. Although by this time firmly established in the UK, it was still early days for the band in Europe and this TV exposure was very important in breaking them across the continent. The show features all their early hits and captures the original line-up of the band in fine form, blending pop singles and virtuoso jazz-funk instrumental workouts. Tracklisting 1) Heathrow 2) Dance On Heavy Weather 3) Turn It On 4) Love Games 5) I Want Eyes 6) Sandstorm 7) Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 8) Micro Kid 9) 43 10) Dune Tune 11) Starchild 12) The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) 13) The Chinese Way 14) 88 15) Are You Hearing (What I Hear)