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    Steve Morse - Name Dropping (From "Standing Out In Their Field")

    Eagle Rock

    by Eagle Rock

    In 2009 Steve Morse joined forces yet again with Dave LaRue (Bass) and Van Romaine (Drums) for a new Steve Morse Band album. The result is an album as multi-faceted as Morse's career. "Out Standing In Their Field" is the 12th Steve Morse Band record. It combines Rock, Country, Jazz, Funk, and Classic elements and reaches an unbelievable sound spectrum. The entirely instrumental album clearly reflects the remarkable talent of Steve Morse and distinguishes the influences of the artist's musical history. on top of the fantastic 10 brand new songs, there is a special bonus track: the live recording of "Rising Power" mirrors the unique goosebumps feeling you get when attending a live concert. On the strength of Steve Morse's fascinating guitar riffs, there is no space of thinking of lead vocals are missing. Based on his fabulous guitar play, which is light years ahead of many other so called guitar heroes, the album satisfies the listener in every aspect. Track Listing: 1) Name Dropping 2) Brink of the Edge 3) Here and Now and Then 4) Relentless Encroachment 5) John Deere Letter 6) More to the Point 7) Time Junction 8) Unnamed Sources 9) Flight of the Osprey 10)Baroque 'n Dreams 11)Rising Power (Live)