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    More Just Brakes Reno NV Reviews


    by renojustbrakesreviews

    HONEST HONEST HONEST!! Just Brakes customer Jack had this to say about Just Brakes #750 in Carson City, Nev.: I took one of my vehicles in for service last month and watched as the work was done. I was very impressed with the work that I saw. Everything that I would have checked and done if I were able to do the work myself, your staff did. I was very happy with the service I received, so the next day I took my wife's car in for service. This time I went across the street to eat. When I got back to Just Brakes my keys were ready for me. I thought, Oh no, there is too much work to be done. Something must be wrong to have it finished that quick. However, it was quite different. Your service representative Jonny Botkin gave me back my keys and said that the car didn't need brakes and was good to go and that I didn't owe him anything.