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    Hainan Province Recovers from Typhoon Nesat


    by NTDTelevision

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    Cleanup efforts in Hainan Province are underway after Typhoon Nesat tore through the South China Sea last week. The typhoon was the most damaging in the region since 2005 and cost the economy hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Cleanup after the destruction of Typhoon Nesat started on Saturday in Hainan Province.

    This was the first clear day since the typhoon struck last Thursday - and it couldn't have come too soon.

    People swept up debris, cleared out trees and repaired damaged houses. However the clean up was not so easy for Chinese farmers.

    The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that over 407 thousand acres of farmland were damaged by the rain and wind. Flooding along rivers also caused much damage, as fields were submerged in water.

    One banana farmer is trying to salvage the bananas that were almost ready to harvest before the storm hit. He says that on top of losing his crop, the price he will get for his bananas is much lower.

    [Liu Jiguang, Banana Grower]:
    "The bananas, like this bunch, could sell at 1.8 yuan per jin (1.1 pound) before the typhoon, but now they can only sell for 0.7 yuan per jin."

    And this is not the only cost the storm left in its wake. The typhoon is estimated to have caused more than 900 million US dollars in economic damage.

    This is the biggest typhoon to strike Hainan Province since 2005 and another one is on its way. Typhoon Nalgae has already hit the Philippines and is traveling a similar path as Typhoon Nesat. It is predicted to hit Hainan Province over the next three days.