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    Cbeyond Los Angeles Scam

    NO COMPLAINTS NOW!!!! In regards to the laptop cards, we can now boast to our clients that we are now ready and able to do electronic signings anywhere. Our customer service to those e-closing vendors is tenfold. There are no complaints now.

    TEAM WAS AMAZING & EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE!! I was with XO for over 3 years, and the experience was awful. Then one day Ashley came to our office and pitched the Cbeyond products. Ashley was very professional, in fat, her team was amazing and extremely supportive. Ashley represents C-beyond in a manner that deserves recognition. I remain impressed with the product, and we are going to be exploring more of the potential as we grow our company.

    THANK YOU!!!! Your salesman explained your product to me clearly. There were not unfulfilled promises. The product is a good value. The billing is clean and simple. Thank you.