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    Betsey Johnson Show - New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 NYFW


    par FashionTV

    2 136 vues NEW YORK - If you didn't know it already, we'll tell you. Betsey Johnson loves to throw a party on the runway. This time, it was a sexy party--where T&A (if you don't know what that means look it up) was the main event. For her Spring/Summer 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week, Betsey got her inspiration from burlesque but of course she added her crazy Betsey personality to the mix. The clothes were obviously inspired by lingerie and there were see-through shirts, corsets,studs, lace, and form fitting, too-tight pieces. But something interesting that happened is that Betsey shied away from her typical tutu dress in favor of bubble skirts, which were already being seen often on the runway. She drew on back of models' legs because that's just something crazy Betsey would do (we hope it wasn't permanent marker!) And she put her own daughter Lulu front and center to start the show. Because Lulu embodies the positve strength of a voluptuous woman and Betsey wanted to make sure to advocate that.

    Appearances: Lulu Johnson, Betsey Johnson