Bulgarian nationalists hold anti-Roma rally - no comment

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In Bulgaria some 2,000 people gathered in the city of Plovdiv in another protest against a rise in crime. Since the murder of an ethnic Bulgarian youth two weeks ago by a Roma gang there have been numerous rallies targeting Bulgaria’s Roma community. No Comment | euronews: watch the international news without commentary | http://www.euronews.net/nocomment/

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why you fucking loser put No comment as a title. Come and see how Bulgarians suffer from the behavior of the primitive gypsies, then I am sure you are not gonna go to put No comment. If people r up protesting then theres something what really bother them, something that make them suffer. Gypsies make Bulgarians' life a nightmare. They dont respect anybody. They dont want to work, they refuse to become part of the social life, they steal, they break properties, they break the laws, they harass Bulgarians, they rape women, they beat young boys and laugh. Can you leave like that? No comment. Make a comment. This is not normal. Make some research and then put your weird names for your videos. Loser.
Par make_a_comment_u_loser il y a 2 ans