Vivienne Westwood - London Fashion Week Spring 2012

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  • Ajouter à LONDON- Makeup and hair at the Vivienne Westwood show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 is always a big to-do and this Spring/Summer 2012 season seems to be no different. Models had hair that was stuck straight up and color all over their face including pink on their temples and cheeks and bright colors like pink and green on their eyes. Pop art at its finest? Model Keira says she loves Vivienne Westwood! "This is an amazing experience," she says. "I still go to school, I'm 16, so this is all very cool to me," says the up and coming model who's agency is Select. "She's an amazing lady, who I love and I'm so honored I get to do a show finally," says Sudanese model Ajak Deng, who's head is wrapped in plastic. The lady of the hour, Vivienne Westwood wears a pinstripe blazer and looks as stylish as her models in tow.

Appearances: Keira, Ajak Deng, Vivienne Westwood

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