Topshop Unique Show - London Fashion Week Spring 2012 LFW

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  • Ajouter à LONDON - Topshop is the British retail brand heard round the world but even as Kate Moss steps away from the brand just a little more, the label is still making its name with its Unique label, the higher-end collection streaming from the line. This season Topshop Unique showcased its Spring/Summer 2012 looks with a focus on the glamour of ancient Egypt, and it included a picture of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra on its invitation. While the models didn't exactly look Cleopatra-esque, they did have gold paint in their hair and a sense of Egypt in their looks, though it sort of seemed thrown together in a budgeted sort of way. Gold coated prints on sweaters and horizontal stripes on shorts dominated many of the looks as if Topshop wanted to add their own British flavor to what is so undeniably Egypt. (Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra face emblazoned on jersey dresses? Not exactly Egyptian glam!) They threw in streetwear, too, with bandeau tops, gold hoodies and skirts, which will make the girls eat it up but won't give it any points for Egyptian elegance.

Appearances: Anais Pouliot, Kelly Mittendorf, Kate King, Marique Schimmel, Josephine Skriver, Samantha Gradoville, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Nadine Ponce, Maud Welzen, Nimue Smit, Daiane Conterato, Charlotte Free, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Ruby Jean Wilson, Julia Nobis, Dempsey Stewart,

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