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    Psionic Researcher Pane Andov: Contact With Other Worlds-2/2


    by smtvuploads

    46 views – Science & Spirituality Psionic Researcher Pane Andov: Contact With Other Worlds – P2/2. Episode: 1761, Air Date: 11 July 2011.
    Extraterrestrial groups were also contacting the governments asking only to dismantle all the nuclear weapons and technology for mass destruction and they will provide the necessary protection and guidance.

    Welcome insightful viewers to Science and Spirituality.

    This week, we present the conclusion of a two-part series, featuring Macedonian psionic (psychic) researcher Pane Andov. Throughout his life, Mr. Andov, a vegetarian, has had numerous extraordinary encounters with extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

    To share his knowledge regarding such fascinating topics as crop circles, the extraterrestrial hierarchy in the Solar System, as well as the coming wonderful and incredible changes to Earth and humanity after 2012, he publishes a monthly magazine called “The Sixth Sense” and conducts publi