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    Tackling the Future of Clean Energy - 10.02.2011


    by energynow

    energyNOW! looks at how NFL teams are powering up with clean energy to save money, how Not-In-My-Backyard opposition is blocking the development of renewables across the country, and one federal agency's effort to bring about a new, clean-energy economy.

    The NFL Scores with Clean Energy
    A typical NFL stadium uses enough electricity in a year to power about 1,000 average U.S. homes, leaving some football teams with annual power bills of more than a million dollars.
    Correspondent Tyler Suiters visits two NFL franchises to learn how some teams are investing in renewable energy to save money and help the environment, and he meets players who are taking some green initiatives of their own.

    NIMBYism's Threat to Renewables
    A recent poll said 63 percent of Americans support renewable energy investment…in theory. But in practice, Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) opposition to new energy infrastructure prevents about 45 percent of renewable energy proposals from being built across the country, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    Correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan visits Maryland and Michigan to learn how NIMBYism is stopping new renewable projects from being built, and preventing people from taking charge of their energy future.
    Interview: ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar

    The U.S. pioneered many of the clean energy technologies used today around the world. But five years ago, when an elite group of scientists warned America was falling behind foreign competitors, Congress responded by creating the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) to help fund the development of breakthrough energy technologies.

    Anchor Thalia Assuras talks with ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar about the energy challenges America faces from other countries and how the U.S. can "out-innovate" its competitors to spur new economic growth.