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    Chinese Regime Removes Petitioners Ahead of National Day


    by NTDTelevision

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    As all eyes will be on Beijing for the regime's National Day on October 1st. Petitioners typically try to get their voices heard on that day. But, just like in past years, it's unlikely any of them will be heard. Instead Chinese authorities are in full swing, clearing the city of any potential 'disruptions' for the day.

    Saturday marks the 62nd year of the Chinese Communist Party's takeover of China. Far from celebrating October 1st with the regime, however, thousands of petitioners from around the country are converging in Beijing. They want to get official attention for their grievances. But it's unlikely many will get a chance.

    [Mr. Cai, Petitioner from Hebei Province]:
    "There are so many people at the petition office, maybe tens of thousands. The Party's central has told each provincial government to control the gathering of petitioners, and clear them out before October 1st."

    And that's exactly what security officials were doing on Tuesday, says petitioner Li Yanqin from Henan Province.

    [Li Yanqin, Petitioner from Henan Province]:
    "We went to the petitioning office today, there were a lot of people, maybe 30,000. There was also a lot of police, they don't let us sit down anywhere, and drive us away. Some were sent to a nearby town. They just don't let us gather together, although more petitioners are coming here."

    For many practitioners, their trip to Beijing ends before they even arrive. Provincial authorities are intercepting them along the way, because once a petitioner lodges a complaint in Beijing, it will reflect badly on officials back in their hometown.

    [Xu Qiufeng, Shanghai Petitioner]:
    "The petitioners are being detained in hotels. It's the same every time there's an event like October 1st. They stop you from petitioning. We're already used to it."