'Why Jews are Hated' - Dr. William L Pierce

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Forget about TV news! Also Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Jordan Maxwell, David icke, & many others, who are making money keeping you in fear & in the dark. These are indy media sites that still seem to value the truth more than money.

Alex Jones for example, has been caught in too many lies that he never explained. His followers usually strike me as more of an adoring cult, than researchers for truth.

These sites linked are not like that , hence not nearly as popular. The more politically incorrect a site is, chances are the more truthful it is. That's been my experience after 17 years of researching. I estimate that comes to 30,000 hrs of research. Yes friends, the rabbit hole is very deep.

So if you have a friend online who's been researching wars & dirty politics for more years than you, use him! If they're legit, they'll probably save you years.


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