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    Shaq-Fu (Story) (Replay) Part II


    by LucyGooseyLiu

    Me playing the Story Mode of Shaq-Fu for the SNES. I am playing Shaq throughout the entire clip.

    This video includes:
    Lost Jungle Bonus Stage
    Beast (Dragon's Pass)
    Sett Ra (Tombstone Island) [Twice[
    Ending to Story

    Sorry about the fact that my controllers weren't working from 1:13-1:20. My controller was acting weird.

    The Story: (Taken from the Shaq-Fu Booklet)

    Long ago and far away, in a place called The Second World, there ruled the heartless sorcerer Sett Ra. His hunger for power still gnawed at him even though his dominance over the Second World was unchallenged; he longed to extend his grasp to the fair First World, Earth.

    Sett Ra's plan was simple. He would destroy the Pharaoh of Egypt and usurp his throne. He created a perfect assassin from his own shadow who would serve him without question. This shadow became Beast, the mightiest and most loyal of all Sett Ra's minions. Beast destroyed Pharaoh, and the disguised Sett Ra soon sat upon his throne.

    However, the Pharaoh's son Ahmet was not deceived. He brazenly confronted the powerful sorcerer, threatening to reveal him. Sett Ra called forth Beast from his shadowy other domain. Ahmet barely escaped from the palace to the Great Desert, where his grandfather, Leotsu the Wise, dwelt as a monk and hermit. Leotsu and Ahmet united with a coven of powerful wizards from the lands beyond Egypt, and their combined power was able to send Sett Ra back to the Second World, comatose and imprisoned within a rune-crusted pyramid. He slumbered for a millennium, bound by the wrappings of a mummy.

    Beast roamed the Second World, dedicated to finding and releasing his dread master. Successful at last, Beast and Sett Ra vow to wreak havoc on those who stopped them before. They have gathered a battalion of formidable fighters to further this end.

    To regain his full strength and to end his exile from the First World, Sett Ra must perform an ancient ritual upon a descendant of Ahmet. Beast has now returned from Earth with the child Nezu, a child in whose veins the royal blood runs pure. All is ready for the final cataclysmic battle—only the Chosen One can stop Sett Ra now. One who possesses strength, courage, agility, spirituality, intelligence and unsurpassed skill in the martial arts. Where will the world find such a one? Only Shaq knows.

    Sorry about the low quality, I have no systems to record what I play on any Nintendo system.