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    Typhoon Nesat Sweeps Past Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

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    A typhoon that left 35 dead in the Philippines passed by Hong Kong on Thursday, before hitting southern China. Here's what it looked like in Hong Kong.

    Typhoon Nesat sweeps through Hong Kong on Thursday, closing markets, schools and most businesses, with winds as much as 75 miles an hour.

    The stock market, government offices and schools also closed for the day. Nesat just struck the Philippines where it left at least 35 dead and 45 missing.

    No deaths have been reported in Hong Kong, but local television shows footage of at least two people hospitalized after being hit by falling debris.

    Ferry terminals that link Hong Kong to Macau and southern China are also closed.

    One commuter turned up for work in the morning to find the ferry closed. He says he's trying to get back home to Shenzhen across the Chinese border.

    [Wayne Marshall, Commuter]:
    "I'm actually a little bit surprised because I first tried to take the bus back and those were all cancelled and then I showed up here and these are all cancelled."

    The usually crowded streets are empty. Trees fallen by strong winds blocked roads, while taxis still operating asked for extra fare.

    Hong Kong's dominant airline, Cathay Pacific, said all flights are operating as normal. But the Hong Kong International Airport's website shows at least 40 departing flights are cancelled or delayed.