CCP Backlash to US Arms Sale to Taiwan

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More tensions are flaring up between the US and China over arms sales to Taiwan. The recent 5.3 billion dollar weapons deal between the US and Taiwan has the Chinese regime fuming and threatening to scale back their own military ties with the US. Here's the story.

According to the Associated Press, a senior US official who wishes to remain anonymous said the Chinese regime will be canceling or postponing some US-China military deals.

Earlier in the week, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi offered a warning to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- if the weapons deal with Taiwan is not canceled it could sour US-Sino relations.

The Obama administration agreed to a 5.3 billion dollar upgrade of Taiwan's fleet of U.S. manufactured F-16 fighter jets. The Chinese regime considers Taiwan a breakaway province and has vowed to retake it, by force if necessary.

A similar incident happened in 2010, when the CCP cut military ties with the US for several months following a major arms sale to Taiwan. But with a change of leadership in the Communist Party scheduled for 2012, and US President Barack Obama facing re-election as well, it appears both sides are trying to keep the relationship stable.

Democrat and Republican lawmakers have both criticized President Obama for only authorizing the upgrade of Taiwan's current F-16s, rather than the sale of new F-16s that Taiwan had originally sought to buy.

Chris Chappell