Over 260 Injured from Shanghai Subway Train Crash

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In Shanghai yesterday, a faulty signal light caused a train crash which injured over 260 people on board. No fatalities have been reported. The faulty signal was made by the same company that is being blamed for a fatal train crash in the city of Wenzhou in July that left 40 dead.

On Tuesday, one of Shanghai's trains on Line 10 rear-ended another. The crash caused over 260 injuries, 20 of which are serious.

The crash took place sometime after 2:30 PM, due to a signal failure that caused trains to switch to manual control.

[Chen, Subway Passenger]
"The entire train cabin suddenly tilted and the lights went out. The area between two train cabins jutted out. The crash was quite serious."

Emergency medical teams rushed to the scene and around 500 passengers were evacuated. Services for other lines were halted, and roughly 200 extra buses were called in to substitute.

Shanghai Metro Authorities had conflicted thoughts on the matter. The company posted an apology online, only to remove it and post a second more optimistic apology later, which was also removed.

Investigations found the faulty signal light was made by Shanghai CASCO Signal Corporation—the same company responsible for a deadly train crash in Wenzhou back in July, which killed 40.

The public has expressed anger over lack of infrastructure safety, especially since both the Wenzhou high-speed bullet train and the Line 10 subway car was recently built.