Halloween 2011: Stylish Girls Costumes

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Halloween 2011: Stylish Girls Costumes - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here are a few popular trends for this Halloween season when it comes to girls' costumes. Here I have a witch costume, which is a very different twist on a witch - little bit shorter skirt, not your traditional length, full to the ankles kind of witch costume. This one here comes with the hat and the costume. She accessorized it here with a wand it looks like. Here is another popular trend when it comes to girls' costumes is a pirate costume. This one here is a little bit different than your traditional black, white and grey kind of pirate. This one is more colorful, more fun. Witches and pirates are always popular for Halloween because they are traditional items. Regardless of how popular movies are, witches and pirates will always be around. Here we have another popular category, which is ladybugs, butterflies, bees. This one here I have is a butterfly princess which is very colorful, very fun. Same category here, I have a bee costume which is definitely a very fun and popular costume. This year will probably mark the fourth year straight that bumblebees and ladybugs have been extremely popular with girls. Another category for girls is superheroes. This one here, Iron Man, it takes a different twist when it comes to a girls' costume. Iron Man is obviously a male in the movie, but right here we have a girls' version which is a dress with a head piece as well. In general, boys usually go for blockbuster movies when it comes to superhero costumes. This is just an example of a girls' costume, which some girls do not always tend to go with superheroes as much as they do with traditional costumes. Fairytale princesses from Disney movies are always very popular each Halloween season. Here I have a Snow White costume, which is always a safe bet for a girls' halloween costume. And over here is Cinderella, which is always a favorite when it comes to Disney movies and fairytale princesses.