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    Halloween 2011: Popular Women's Costumes

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Halloween 2011: Popular Women's Costumes - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Sean with Halloween Illusions in Torrance, California. Here we have a popular womens' costume from Blockbuster movie, Jessie, which is a perfect costume to wear at your workplace. Most everything is included; the hat that comes with it and the full body costume, which is available in two sizes. Cowgirls are definitely fun, they are different, it is not sexy, it is not showing much, it is just perfect if you need something that is not sexy. Here we have a normal, popular witch costume that is not too sexy, which includes the hat and the dress and also she accessorized here with a witch broom, which there are about three or four different styles of witch brooms sizes you could put with this costume. It is not showing too much, might be good for the workplace or a school since it is not real sexy or revealing. Also, to accessorize this we have witch cauldrons that could be carried, used as a purse or a candy bucket or just something to accessorize the costume with, and several different makeup options can go with this costume, also, including necklaces and bracelets, the nail polish, the fingernails, shoes, boots. Witches are always popular for Halloween, they have been around for several years and will always be one of the most popular costumes of the year. Here we have another popular costume that can be used in the workplace or school, also. This one hear comes with the dress and the glovelets. You could also accessorize it maybe with a wig or necklace. This costume here only includes the dress and the glovelets. You have to make sure you read the packaging and make sure everything is what it says is inside the packaging, or available at the counter; sometimes some items do not fit inside the packaging, they are available for pickup at the counter, the larger items that come with costumes. This one here shows the boots, which obviously do not come with the costume. This is a popular costume to wear to a party or to an event, where it is not too sexy, it is perfect for any occasion, covers you from head to toe. Here we have another womens' costume that is not sexy, covers up pretty good, could be worn year round, not just for Halloween, but it could be used also for pajamas around the house when it is not Halloween. It is warm, covers up from head to toe, it comes in thirteen different styles, including a panda, cat, bunny, a squirrel, a sheep, a horse. Here we have the Dalmatian as one of them, which is made of like a fleece material, buttons up from the back. This would be a good costume if you are going to be outside where it is cooler or cold. Also, it is good for kid’s parties since it is just a generic costume that could be used in all the different functions of parties and schools.