Halloween 2011: Trendy Teens Costumes

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Halloween 2011: Trendy Teens Costumes - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. So here are some popular trends for teens this Halloween: Here we have a boys' costume which is a zombie, which is always a safe bed for a teen boy. Boys usually like to be scary, kind of gruesome, covered up, with this one here is covered up from head to toe which includes everything from the mask, the shirt, the pants and the gloves. This one here from a popular blockbuster movie last year, was ghost face which is a scream movie. This has always been a popular costume for teen boys. Any horror movie that comes up before Halloween is always a safe bed that the costume will be very popular for that Halloween season. Here we have a few popular teen costumes that have been a huge trend now, this will be the forth year that lady bugs and bumble bees have been very popular, they come in many different styles, depending on the company purchased from. Lot of them could be accessorized with make up, with head bands, with purses, the face nets, the tights, the shoes. The bee, the daisy bug here is accessorized with some flower purse, also with some tights and wings and head band, is always a safe bed for teen girls for this Halloween season.