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    Halloween 2011: Plus Sized Costumes

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Halloween 2011: Plus Sized Costumes - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here we have some plus size costumes for women. Just because you are a big girl does not mean you have to be left out of all the fun. Here we have a pirate, which she accessorized here with a hat and a knife. Some of the costumes come with accessories, some do not. Remember to read the packages to make sure your costume says what it comes with. Pirates are one of the easiest costumes to accessorize. You can accessorize them with a hat, you can accessorize them with makeup, nail polish, necklaces, eye patches, boots, stockings. This is just one here showing one of the samples of what a pirate can look like in a plus size. Here we have a bee costume, which is a fun, colorful costume for a plus size women. This one here just includes a dress. This one could be accessorized with different makeup, headpieces, different shoes and fishnets or tights to go with it. Good costume if you’re a plus size, not showing too much. Even if you are a plus size, you could still be sexy with this costume. Here we have a witch costume, which is always a popular category for plus size women. This one here includes the hat and the dress. As you can see, this one is added with some stockings and a broom whip. Several broom whips to choose from at a specialty store like this. Here we have Snow White, which is always a safe bet with a plus size. Several different styles to choose from when it comes to plus size costumes for fairy tale princesses. This one here is just the dress. As you could see, she accessorized it here with a head bow and an apple. Also some shoes she accessorized with. A safe bet for plus size costumes is, if you want to cover up, you could always use a cape for a vampire. For a witch, capes are also a good accessory to put on with a witch costume. And those are my recommendations for plus size women’s costumes for this Halloween.