How to Retrieve Cake From Pan

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How to Retrieve Cake From Pan? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When I bake, this is exactly what I do every single time. So, because I prepared my pan well, I was able to take this cake directly out of the oven, put plastic wrap over the top, and then pop it into the refrigerator so that it can cool. The reason that I do that is because I feel like if there is any moisture to be had in the cake, I want it to stay in the cake instead of dissipating into the air. A lot of other recipes might say to take the cake, turn it out onto a wire rack so that it can cool that way. Once those cakes come out of the oven, immediately they are so fragile and it is very easy to tear a cake or to break a cake. If I allow it to cool in the pan, it gets its integrity and it maintains its structure, which is fabulous. You always want to decorate and work with a cool cake, anyways. So by popping it into the fridge, I am able to help it to cool down. Really, a lot of times I pop it into the freezer because somebody asks me for something and I totally forgot and I had to cool it down really fast. So, I know that successfully, I am able to put it into the freezer, I just have to wait for it to come back to room temperature a little bit before it will release. So, I am going to take the plastic off of the top of the pan. Now, because I use those even strips, it actually baked up pretty nicely. So, if this were too hot for my pan, what I might do is to take a serrated knife or a very long bladed knife and while it is still on the pan, I am going to use the top of the pan as my guide to trim that so that it is the perfect height. As I mentioned before, I love to bake in three-inch deep pans because it actually gives me more cake to use. Now, three-inch deep pans do require a little bit more batter, but fortunately for me, there are batter capacity charts that I am able to refer to. So, it tells me exactly how many cups should fit into a cake pan. But, I am a little cheater; I actually tend to overfill my pans. So, most recipes will say to fill your pan about the halfway mark; what I do is I fill it to about the three quarter mark, which sometimes means I do get batter that domes over the top, depending on how I prepared my pan, but again, it allows me to trim exactly to the height that I need it to be, which is beautiful. So, this is what I would do if I were icing this cake, which I am going to do second. So, I would take some icing and smear it here on my cake board. And you always want to use a cake board; you do not want to use a plate. First of all, you are not going to get that plate back, anyway, so do not be giving them grandma’s best plate then calling them later to get it. You want to use a cardboard circle. One is, it allows you to look super professional, people are going to say, “hey, where did you get that cake, you did not make that cake”. Two, it is completely flat so that you do not have to worry like a plate domes in. And then three, if you are fortunate, you can get them that are wax-coated, so that you do not have to worry that you get grease or icing on this because it will not show any marks. And if you are trying to be ultra fancy, you can go with the gold board, which is really cool, as well. I am going to take this. Now, I have not done anything to this cake but cool it in the refrigerator, so we are going to see what happens. I am going to flip it over, and guess what, remember I like to use three-inch deep pans and I like to use removable bottoms. So, before I take this cake out of its pan, I am going to actually make sure that it is centered on my circle. I prefer to use a circle that is going to be a minimum of two inches larger than my cake. So, for this eight inch cake, I am using a ten inch circle. What that does is it allows me room for decorative border, and it also gives me room to put my fingers, if I need to. So, look what happened, I used my super pan grease and almost clean as a whistle. And now, that little removable bottom pops right off, voila, and my little cork comes right out, and my parchment paper circle comes right off. Now, do not forget to take the parchment paper circle off. It is going to be virtually impossible to see, which I should have shown you before. So, you do not want to leave it on your cake. So, this is what we have, we have a cake that has a tiny little hole in it, which will not even be noticed, which allowed my cake to bake evenly from the center out and from the out in.

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