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Preparing Color for Cake Decoration

7 years ago1.1K views


Geo Beats

Preparing Color for Cake Decoration - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The colors that you choose are important for making rich, vibrant colors that are going to stand out and make your cake phenomenal. Grocery store colors are liquid-based; they are really, in my opinion, good for Easter eggs and red velvet cakes because you really have to use a lot to get deep, dark colors, you do not always have the color spectrum to choose from unless you blend those colors, and then, because you are adding liquid, you could change the texture of your icing, which could affect how you decorate. So, the colors that I really enjoy using happen to be these gel-paste colors that are found in these little tubes. The reason that I like them in these tubes is that you can literally squeeze out what you need, you do not require anything extra, you do not get yourself all yucky unless you get just a little bit crazy with the colors. So, for instance, I just used electric blue, that is how much I added, and I give it a stir and see what happens. Now, you can always add more color later; do not get overzealous on adding the color. You can add more color but you cannot take it away. Color also deepens as it sits, so, the color that you make right now might look a little bit different for you in an hour or so. So, it is important to actually let it wait and see what happens. The nice thing about these colors, too, is because you have colors on a spectrum. So, this one happens to be electric blue, but if I did need a lighter color blue, I would not just add a little bit less of the electric; I would actually add a sky blue so that I could get a lighter color versus one that I just did not add as much color to, and then if I needed navy blue, then I would actually use the navy blue color. So, that is the nice thing about colors in this choice. Some colors are notoriously hard to achieve, like blacks and reds. If I am making black then I just take a lot of the colors that I have and I mix them together, and then I can add a little bit of black color on top of that. That works particularly well if I have icing that I have reserved from another use and I have a lot of different colors. You can take that icing, put it into a container where it will not absorb flavors or odors in the refrigerator, and then you can actually freeze those and combine them, and then add black food color on top of that. When I need to make red, I actually start with a color called electric pink. Electric is the closest, that I am aware of, to what might be considered neon colors, if you can actually consider neon in the food group. So, I start with electric pink, I stir that in, and as you see, it is a beautiful vivid, vibrant pink, which I absolutely love. And then, on top of the electric pink, I add some red, this one happens to be super red. Now, the reason I combine these colors is that the pink will help the red not fade, but also, I do not have to use quite as much of the red as I might have to otherwise. Now, depending on the depth of the red that you want, you may have to add more color but you do not have to use the entire jar like you do on some cases. And you can see it is already picking up some of that color. So, I could make this darker by adding more red, but also remember that the more color you add the more likelihood that you are going to stain somebody’s teeth. So, it is important to be aware of how you use that color. Although my son’s best buddy asked me to make him a cake that was completely iced in black, and he was serious. I did not get to stay at the party but I would have loved to have seen the faces of the children and the adults. So, this will get a little bit darker, and then this will pretty much stay the color that it is. If I want it to be darker, I could add some additional color.

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Preparing Color for Cake Decoration
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