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Jorasses MacIntyre 2

il y a 6 ans379 views

Alexandre Marchesseau et Remy Peschier dans la Colton MacIntyre aux Grandes Jorasses. Top conditions. 1200 mètres TD neige glace et mixte. Ouverture le 16 et 17 juillet 1976 par Nick Colton et Alex MacIntyre. “Alex MacIntyre and Nick Colton finished a line on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses that had been attempted by Dougal Haston, Chris Bonington, Mick Burke, and Bev Clark during a 17-day siege in January, 1972. The Colton-MacIntyre is still considered a relevant climb, having swatted down a fair number of talented suitors. Colton and MacIntyre applied modern ice technique on a remote and austere face, taking the discipline to its logical conclusion.” The Alps, A glance at modern alpine style by Claude Gardien. (American Alpine Journal 2001).