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    "GT5: The build of the Red Bull X2010"

    GT Channel

    by GT Channel

    188 views for more car videos. "What would the fastest racing car on earth look like - a machine free of any and all regulations?" The X2010 Prototype was born from this fantastical question from Gran Turismo, through a collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The background of the birth of this miraculous machine is explained by the two key people involved in the project. for photos, news and free prizes! They are of course Gran Turismo Series Producer, Kazunori Yamauchi, and Red Bull Racings' Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey. With footage taken during the building of the full scale model at the Red Bull Racing Factory together with the time trial by Sebastian Vettel, see for yourself the true potential of the ultimate performance machine, able to top speeds of over 280mph and pull 8.75G's through the corners.