Squid Girl - Episode 1 - Who's Up For A Squid-vasion?! / Ink That's A Love Rival?! / Making A Few Squid With Jellyfish

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One day, when Squid Girl is playing games as usual, Eiko derides her as being a "half-assed" invader.
This reminds Squid Girl of her plans of conquering the surface world and sets about to reboot her plans.
However, she suddenly grows wary of the actions of the people around her and...!?

Squid Girl is busily working at the Lemon.
On this day, Kiyomi decides to visit her. As Squid Girl hasn't seen her in a while, she's quite happy about this.
Unfortunately, Sanae arrives at the same time and sees how Squid Girl and Kiyomi are having a chat that's too friendly for her tastes.

Because of an explosion in the jellyfish population, Gorou and Squid Girl end up betting who can catch more.
But Chizuru turns the whole thing into a competition open to all.
Squid Girl wanted to win with a huge margin, but her overambitious nature causes her to get stung by the jellyfish instead.