International Vintage Car Tour Wraps up in Shanghai


by NTDTelevision

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A thousand mile vintage car tour has come to a close in Shanghai. Dozens of antique vehicles made their way across the Mainland, to the delight of many car enthusiasts.

A fleet of 30 vintage cars from all over the world traveled seven days from Beijing to Shanghai, drawing an end to the 2011 World Vintage Car Chinese Open on Friday.

Crossing a distance of about 1000 miles, these classic car enthusiasts got to see China from the seat of some very rare makes and models. The tour took the cars along the eastern side of China, through Tianjin, Xuzhou and Nanjing before arriving in Shanghai.

Classic cars from the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Belgium attracted numerous motor fans along the way.

[Hou Xiaoming, Participant]:
"This competition has taken the form of a tour, which gives foreign drivers the chance to see the country. They drove all the way from Beijing to Shanghai. What they saw was totally different from what they heard China was like. As Chinese participants we were pleased to be able to introduce China to them."

The tour is set to be held every year from here on out.