Best Coke vs. Pepsi ads starring Snoop Dog and Jackie Chan

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A remix for a bubbly ceasefire with Snoop Dog, Jacky Chan and Jay Mohr ! Make love, not war, says the slogan. While the World was celebrating Peace Day on September 21st, we decided to make a remix of the best creations of the worst advertising enemies ever: Pepsi and Coca-Cola.
September 21 : World Peace Day
Can Pepsi and Coke do it ?
Only one day
Pepsi - USA - 2010. An ad featuring Snoop Dogg.
Pepsi - USA - 2006 . A commercial starring Jackie Chan and Jay Mohr, it was aired on 2006 Superbowl.
Pepsi - Brazil - 1991.
Pepsi - USA - 2004. A commercial featuring David Zayas.
Pepsi - USA - 2010. A remake of the 1995 mythic commercial from Pepsi.
Pepsi - USA - 1995. This commercial won a Silver Lions in the 1995 Cannes Advertising Festival

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