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    Defekt 86 - Suicide Hero

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    It's been almost two years since defekt 86 released their album "Ultramarin". Finally now there's new material. Many may have thought, that there won't be any further releases anymore, in return this release seems the more interesting.

    "Suicide Hero" is a loud uptempo track with the obligatory driving bass, noisy guitars in the refrain and electronic sound effects, which strain your ears quite hard, from time to time. The song comes up very aggressive, like a yell after two years of silence of the band. By trend the music is rather directed into alternative rock, but still with the defekt 86-typical electronic sounds. Musically the band has grown away from possible idols and finds its own style much more.

    The lyrics of Suicide Hero describe the desperation, which arises, if you notice, that suicidal thoughts aren't anything else than romantic and naive and don't offer a way out at all, "you'll never be a suicide hero", which doesn't come without an ironic undertone.