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Triad Chess : Demonstration of chess with three players - Triade échecs - Android App store appstore apple application game 3 players joueurs chessboard échiquier


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TRIAD-CHESS : Chess game with three players.

Site : http://triad-chess.com
Forum : http://triad-chess.net

WINDOWS XP/Vista/7 : http://triad-chess.com/buy_pc_chess_game_three_player.html
APPLE Mac : http://triad-chess.com/app.mac_us.php
APPLE iPad "Light" : http://triad-chess.com/app.ipad_us.php
APPLE iPad "Pro" : http://triad-chess.com/app.ipad_pro_us.php
APPLE iPhone "Light" : http://triad-chess.com/app.iphone_us.php
APPLE iPhone "Pro" : http://triad-chess.com/app.iphone_pro_us.php
GOOGLE PLAY Android : http://triad-chess.com/android_us.php

Note : slowdowns or jerkiness in movements are due to the recording of the video and not the game which is very fluid. The sound is not present in the recording options of the video.

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Cool !
Par Richard Wittig Il y a 3 ans